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Refrigerated trailer hire Q&A

Yes, we have ways you can store ice inside while using the trailer as a fridge, we can supply cool boxes that last up to 7 days.

What power supply does a refrigerated trailer need?

Our refrigeration trailers run from a 13amp plug or 16amp commando socket.  All our refrigeration trailers come supplied with a minimum of 20 meters of cable.  If you need another power source contact us for details.

Is the refrigeration trailer lockable?

Yes the refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers both have shelving/ racks which can be added or removed on request.

Yes, the back doors are lockable ( Key provided) and a wheel clamp lock will be fitted for all trailers out on hire.

You insure the contents, we insure the refrigeration trailer. But if any damage occurs while on site it’s down to the hirer.

What about insurance?

Are the refrigeration trailers reliable?

All our units are serviced & under 3 years old. We have never had a breakdown but if this should happen we will replace it right away or get the engineer on-site.

Can we move the refrigeration trailer?

Will my delivery location be ok?

The refrigeration trailer must not be towed or moved without prior consent from Chilled Trailers. All trailers are fitted with anti-theft devices at the time of delivery. Any loss or damage to these items will be charged.

If you have any concerns with the delivery we can arrange for a site survey to be done before the trailer arrives. This involves us coming out to visit the delivery location. They will check that everything is as it should be and that there are no unexpected surprises on the day.

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