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Cool Box Hire

With our Cool Boxes, your drinks will be chilled within just

one hour and remain chilled for the duration of your party.  They are great for

parties, sports teams, barbecues, camping trips or storing ice for your bar.

They aren’t electric, and don’t need to be plugged in, so they can be positioned

anywhere you need them, inside or outside.

No need to buy expensive bags of ice, all our cool boxes come complete with

sufficient ice packs to chill your drinks down within just one hour.

The Igloo Maxcold 165 cool box features up to 7 days ice retention thanks to

THERMECOOL performance along with cool riser technology helps keep your

food and drink cold, fresh and safe from the elements.  A quick access hatch in

the lid allows a minimal amount of clod air to escape while you grab what you need.

Igloo Maxcold 165 Ice Chest Features:

Igloo Maxcold 165 Details:

  • Model: Igloo Maxcold 165 Large Ice Chest Cool Box

  • Ice Retention: Up to 7 Days*

  • Capacity: 165 Quarts / 156 Litres

  • Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H): 106.7 x 47 x 57.9 cm

  • Internal Dimensions Bottom (L x W x H): 90.8 x 33.0 x 40.3 cm

  • Internal Dimensions Top (L x W x H): 99.0 x 36.0 x 40.3 cm

  • Weight: 12.5 Kg

Hire Charges:

Weekly- £25

Monthly - £80

If booked with a refrigerated trailer £20 for a week.

Contact us for longer duration or delivery requests and collection details

cool box hire

Special offer
25 X 2kg bags of ice
7 days cool box hire
£60 when ordered with a refrigerated trailer

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